Hdtoday.tv APK Download Latest Version v1.5 for Android

Hdtoday.TV APK Details:

With the name of TV you will imagine that our audience is going to enjoy entertainment stuff without any expenses. Hdtoday.TV APK is now been a trending TV application with different supported languages. By the response from different users this is possible in all kinds of android phones which are capable to keep an android version of 5.0. We must say that you are lucky to visit our website to get this free gift. In the stores we find such stuff with greater prices.

We are fighting with boring days due to Corona Virus. In the meanwhile we want little relaxation by watching our favorite content in our android phones. Offline content is always available in our phones but in the mean time we look for the new stuff that could give more entertainment. In the solution of this issue we are jumping towards you by Hdtoday.TV APK.

Hdtoday.tv APK

In the free version of Hdtoday.TV you can mostly stream all international as well as regional TV channels. You will be not bored by watching amazing content. Enjoy TV shows, Films, International sports games, Dramas, radio options etc.

More about the app:

We are familiar with such alternatives in the market which are found with charges. Believe me; this kind of weapon in the market will not be available without any costs. In the search list you will get Hdtoday.TV APK flying in the download options.

What Hdtoday.TV APK is?

This is an android free version TV app which is compatible with all kinds of smart phones. In the streaming TV apps Hdtoday.TV can be a very handy tool for you. We would like to watch all sports matches, TV Shows, Serials, radio stations, news channels etc. You are lucky that all is packed in one packet.

In the cricket games this will alert you to watch different international leagues like IPL, PSL, BBL. The more list of cricket you will enjoy ICC Twenty 2022, Asia Cricket Cup and all kind of one day matches as well as Test Matches like Ashes series.

In the world football matches are very famous. We would like to enjoy them in the stadiums but some reasons bound us to stay home. The reasons like busy days, family issues etc. though, we have android and tablet phones which give us free service to enjoy such games. If we install free TV apps like Hdtoday.TV APK we don’t need any extra hard works.

Details of the application:

Enjoy all kinds of tennis and hockey matches without any amounts. If you are trusted fan of sports and movies you will find amazing feathers of Hdtoday.TV.

It is not over here. Different category people have different kinds of brains, as we know that young used to watch sports and older wish to watch news channels.

With more than 500 channels in the main list you will fly for the delicious items. Either which category you belong don’t worry. You can enjoy all soccer matches, basketball matches, volleyball matches, news channels etc.

Hdtoday.TV APK has added all people desired options. You don’t need to buy any extra heavy phone for the proper functioning of this app. All types of smart phones can do your work. Easily stream all kind of proper HD content.

Remember to connect your phone with fast connection of internet. The only thing which matters is the proper functioning of your internet speed. It doesn’t mean that you cannot use this app in the poor internet speed. It really means that this application has the feather of customizing the video quality.

How many languages can Hdtoday.TV supports?

By the experience of different users we come with more than 15 languages in the list.


This language is being spoken all around the world. With the feather of different languages you will enjoy the app in English.


Hindi is famous language of India. The people of India can use their language for all kinds of settings etc.


This language is mostly spoken in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. You can run the TV app in Urdu as well.

Some Extra Languages:

Enjoy the application in Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and etc.

Unique feathers of Hdtoday.TV APK:

We love any type of application which covers our desired feathers. App developers lock some of them for the membership or registration options for their advantage. But all developers don’t do the same. We have brought this weapon which unlocks all of them. The list below will highlight you.

Watch all sports Channels:

Proper functioning of this TV app lets you to enjoy Indian Premier League (IPL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), and Big Bash (BBL) Etc.

ICC T twenty 2022 will be available to stream, Asia Cup, one day matches and all kinds of series are in the front line.

You can always stream FIFA, Hockey, Wrestling, Tennis and other kinds of sports matches in the proper way.

Channels in your favor:

Sony Liv:

Sony Liv is one of the watched channels of India. This source covers all the live matches around the world. Hdtoday.TV will scarify for you to stream it.


This will also let you to stream Netflix. This is also watched around the world.


Amazon is one of the stunning platforms which are offered by this free weapon. This has given you the free subscription for you to get all the high quality content.

Entertainment app:

In the category you can move towards free movies. You will enjoy the movies in different languages like English, Hindi, Punjabi and many more. All are offered in all the languages with different option of categories.

In the search box of Hdtoday.TV easily search your favorite movie. The results will shock you.

Mostly recently updated:

Though, in the related versions we find some of the trouble issues of links that not work either. This issue is not found here. You will get the precious packet of all the needed content.

Searching Hdtoday.TV APK instead of others:

This topic has been covered above but we would like to add some more details in the below. There are no two words for the applications collection in the online market but we have some issues regarding them. Each of us wants to enjoy safe connections. We would run for the secure options. In the real case we will notify only Hdtoday.TV a safe option for the streaming.

This will never get any of your passwords and other kinds of details etc.

Some extra feathers:

  • Get this app for free of cost.
  • Don’t need any alternative like Gears TV.
  • No root required.
  • Updated in 2022.
  • Compatible with every android or tablet.
  • Ads free.
  • Not spam or hacked.
  • This will not eat your much data.
  • Light app.
  • All streaming stuff is available.
  • Don’t need any kind of membership registrations.
  • The app has all kind of categories.
  • Find your desired stuff easily.
  • Searching option has been enabled to get the favorite channels.
  • Works greatly.
  • HD quality is the main resolution.
  • Choose your quality of resolution.
  • Compatible with the internet speed.
  • Fast the internet speed, greater the video quality.


Mobile friendly app.

How to get and install Hdtoday.TV?

We all know better about Google Play Store apps and games which are very easy to install. Once you go to the main dashboard you can click for installation of it. But this is not for the third party applications. You need bit a trick to install them, more than that these are only available in the third party websites. You can get all the details regarding installing of this app below.


  1. Go to the main download link below.
  2. In the download option you will get the updated option.
  3. In the next option you need to tap it for downloading.
  4. This will ensure you to save the file by giving a notification in bottom. Let it to save.
  5. After few seconds the app will be easily saved depending on your internet speed.
  6. Now find your saved file in your phone.
  7. Don’t install before enabling third party option from settings of your phone.
  8. Let the file to be installed by taping it.
  9. Few seconds will do your job.
  10. You can now watch out all the free content by opening the app.

Final lines about the application:

The summary could be very helpful about Hdtoday.TV APK. In the free app enjoying more than 500 channels can be handy. Free feathers don’t pay any extra charges.

In the recent of TV apps we have given you the chance to download the option of Hdtoday.TV APK available in the entertainment category.

If you need the premium feathers for free than enjoy some of them like HD streaming, all kinds of sports matches, news channels, movies, drama serials, sports leagues etc.

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