Best 18 wheeler accident lawyer

Best 18 wheeler accident lawyer:

More than 90,000 people are hurt annually in collisions involving 18-wheelers, and one person is killed or seriously injured in a truck accident every 16 minutes. Large truck fatal accidents have increased over the past ten years, yet the trucking industry has continued to push for laxer safety standards. Call Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys today for a free case review if you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in an accident involving an 18-wheeler. We are one of the nation’s top firms for truck accident attorneys.

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$26 Million Truck Accident

$17.5 Million Car Accident

$12 MillionProduct Liability

$9 Million Truck Accident

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$7.5 MillionAuto Accident

$6.9 Million Garbage Truck Accident

$6.5 Million Traumatic Brain Injury

$5 Million Medical Malpractice

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Our law office is committed to assisting victims of all truck accidents, particularly those involving 18-wheel commercial trucks. We have fought trucking firms for years in an effort to win claims for truck accident victims just like you. We want to work for you and have the expertise and resources to take on these businesses. The consultation is free, and we are not paid until your case is successful.

What Should Do After Truck Accident Involving an 18-Wheeler?

The first and most crucial step is to consult with a knowledgeable 18-wheeler accident attorney as soon as possible following the collision. You’ll need the expertise to take on powerful trucking businesses. These businesses have an abundance of resources, including teams of attorneys and experts who are more than ready to defend them from any lawsuit. You can heal with the confidence you need if a truck injury attorney is at your side.

Best 18 wheeler accident lawyer

A knowledgeable truck accident attorney will gather the facts required to support your claim, negotiate with the insurance provider on your behalf, represent your interests in court, and ensure you receive the settlement you are entitled to.

However, there are procedures you may do to safeguard your potential truck accident claim after a collision with an 18-wheeler.

Best 18 wheeler accident lawyer

Remain cool and drive away from the accident scene unless you have to get out for safety reasons. Do not leave the scene before dialling 911.
Take down the names, phone numbers, and addresses of all people involved, especially any witnesses. Additionally, you should record the names and badge numbers of any police officers who are involved in the accident investigation.
Record the situation, including the vehicles and injuries, on camera and on video. Make sure you obtain the employer information for the truck driver.
Even if you don’t believe you were hurt at the time of the accident, get medical help. In many cases, injuries don’t become apparent for several hours or even days after the collision.
As soon as possible following the accident, tell your own insurance company so the claim.

What Should I Do After an Accident Involving an 18-Wheeler Semi-Truck?

Here is what truck accident victims need to do after an 18-wheeler crash:

  • Get a copy of the accident report from the police. Do the same with a property damage valuation from your insurance company. This will help your truck accident lawyer get a better idea of what your claim is worth.
  • Keep a record of all visits with doctors and healthcare providers. Write down all symptoms, diagnoses, or any pain you have. Get copies of all test results, medications, treatments, and any other medical care.
  • List all out-of-pocket expenses you incur while injured or due to your semi truck accident.
  • Keep a record of missed work or other activities your injuries kept you from participating in.
  • Do not speak to the other party’s insurance company without speaking to your 18 wheeler accident lawyer first. Remember, you do not need to speak with anyone about the accident except for your lawyer, the police, and your insurance company.
  • Whatever you do, do not accept any settlement offers until speaking with our experienced truck accident attorney first.

How Much Money Could I Get for My Claim in a Semi-Truck Accident?

Accidents involving 18-wheelers frequently result in severe injuries that can take a long time to heal. Huge medical bills, missed pay, mental distress, and potential funeral costs are just a few of the financial disadvantages a truck accident injury victim may experience.

If your injury claim is successful, you may receive both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are any money losses you suffered as a result of the accident. This includes, but is not limited to, funeral fees, property damage, lost wages, and medical bills.

For any losses other than monetary ones, you can be entitled to non-economic damages as compensation. Some of these more irrational sorts include pain and suffering, emotional anguish, mental anguish, and loss of entertainment or company.

Unfortunately, insurance seldom covers all of these expenses, so your best option is to speak with an 18-wheeler accident lawyer to find out about your best potential legal options in the future.

Why Do I Need to Work with a Proven Truck Crash Attorney?

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler, you may feel that you did nothing wrong, that the damages the accident caused are evident, and that you don’t need a lawyer to represent you.

A vehicle accident and a truck accident are not the same thing. Frequently, 18-wheeler accidents can cause serious injuries that may require months or years to heal. Additionally, whereas freight accidents frequently include numerous parties, car accidents typically only involve you and the other driver.

Here are a few additional benefits of hiring a truck injury attorney for your trucking accident claim.

Frequently, trucking companies dispute their accountability

Trucking businesses are well-versed in the best methods for avoiding liability and the expenses involved with crashes caused by its 18-wheel truck drivers because there are thousands of trucking accidents every year. Within hours or minutes of an accident, the majority of trucking companies will send a representative to the scene and start gathering information in an effort to minimise any liability you may have against them.

Due to their extensive knowledge and reputation as the nation’s top truck accident attorneys, our firm represents clients nationwide. When you engage one of our trucking attorneys, the trucking companies know they are up against the finest and have experienced several settlements and verdicts against 18-wheeler trucking corporations.

Cases Involving 18-Wheeler Truck Collisions Are Difficult

Truck accident litigation is difficult because of the complexity of 18-wheelers, auto accidents, and medical problems. In many circumstances, intricate ideas from physics, chemistry, federal trucking laws, biology, medicine, driving standards, and economics are at stake. Accident victims will have to convince a jury of their case during a trial for an 18-wheeler collision claim by describing what occurred utilising all of these intricate scientific theories and business-specific norms.

Over the course of more than 60 years, the truck accident team at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys has learned the ins and outs of the trucking business, the science behind truck collisions, and the finest trial and negotiating strategies to get the biggest settlements for our clients. We have assembled a team that is skilled at presenting the case for why victims like you should receive compensation using field specialists, visuals, witnesses, and technologies.

Over the course of more than 60 years, the truck accident team at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys has learned the ins and outs of the trucking business, the science behind truck collisions, and the finest trial and negotiating strategies to get the biggest settlements for our clients. We have assembled a team that is skilled at presenting the case for why victims like you should receive compensation using field specialists, visuals, witnesses, and technologies.

It Takes a Lot of Resources to Receive the Award You Are Entitled to

Trucking and insurance firms have a lot of resources available, which they employ to intimidate accident victims into leaving the scene or taking settlements for much less than they are entitled to. You will need to match the trucking and insurance companies’ extensive resources in order to pursue the compensation to which you are entitled as a victim of an 18-wheel accident. This will allow you to hire experts to advise you, call them to testify in court, and utilise the most advanced technologies to convince the jury of your case.

Why Choose Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys?

Many law firms advertise that they handle truck accident cases, but very few have the qualifications necessary to effectively defend a truck accident victim. Accidents involving huge 18-wheelers and commercial vehicles should only ever be handled by a lawyer with experience taking on major transportation firms and in-depth knowledge of the rules, procedures, technology, insurance, and practises of the trucking industry.

One of the top 18-wheeler crash legal firms in the nation is Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, which has a wealth of experience and a strong track record. The best truck accident lawyers in the legal field are recognised on a national level as our attorneys. Only our legal company has two attorneys who have held the position of chair of the American Association for Justice Trucking Litigation Group. The National Board of Trial Advocacy has awarded board certification in Truck Accident Law to a select group of attorneys, including Marion Munley and Daniel Munley. Because our clients deserve it, our 18-wheeler and tractor-trailer accident attorneys achieve unheard-of results.

The stakes are high when an accident involves an 18-wheeler. You can be dealing with high medical expenses, discomfort, and an unclear future. While the trucking companies have teams of employees tasked with reducing your claim or outright denying it, you have never faced with a large litigation. We won’t permit that to occur. Let’s proceed from here.

Why is a car accident more dangerous than one involving an 18-wheeler?

They Transport Heavy Loads – An 18-wheel truck weights 400 tonnes, or 80,000 pounds, when fully loaded. To put that amount into perspective, consider that a typical car weighs slightly over 1 tonne, or 2,700 pounds. This implies that 18-wheelers are 400 times heavier than the majority of the cars on the road, and when they hit with other motor vehicles, their enormous weight frequently results in catastrophic injuries, huge property damage, and regrettably, terrible deaths.

They’re the biggest cars on the road. 18-wheelers can have up to four trailers and a length of 176 feet! In other words, the 18-wheeler that is travelling alongside you on the motorway is longer than half a football field and more than ten times longer than the typical automobile. The length of the route makes it challenging for drivers to avoid collisions as they negotiate abrupt twists, merges, exits from motorways, and little streets. Additionally, due to their enormous size, roadside irresponsibility like speeding is more dangerous. When travelling at 70 mph, an 18-wheeler truck uses twice as much energy as when moving at 50 mph.

They Need a Great Deal More Space and Time to Stop – It takes an 18-wheeler roughly 40% longer than it does for a car to slow down or stop completely. Many drivers of motor vehicles who follow 18-wheelers are unaware of how much room they need to provide between their vehicle and the huge truck in front of them.

They Have Huge Blind Spots – 18-wheelers don’t have a rear window like a sedan, hatchback, SUV, minivan, or pickup truck. Therefore, 18-wheeler truck drivers must rely on their rearview mirrors to see what is behind them, but because to the enormous size of the truck and trailer, there are significant blind areas.

Questions Most Frequently Asked in 18-Wheeler Truck Crash Cases

Q: What Are the Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents?

A: Determining the circumstances and actions that led to your collision will be one of your truck accident attorney’s top concerns. 18-wheeler collisions for a number of causes, such as:

Overloaded or incorrectly laden trailers: It is the shippers’ responsibility to ensure that the cargo is securely fastened. Unsecured cargo could fall out of the trailer during transport, collide with moving vehicles, and result in an accident. Additionally, an overweight 18-wheeler’s truck will not be correctly balanced. The truck can flip over on the road with just one quick spin.

drowsy driving: Truck drivers must meet a deadline. Additionally, they have stringent guidelines known as hours of service. These rules are in place to prevent sleepy truck driving, which might lead to a driver falling asleep at the wheel and causing an accident. Unfortunately, many of these drivers may disregard the law because they are under pressure from the trucking firm to make an unattainable goal, which results in fatigued driving.

  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Drunk driving is illegal and especially dangerous for those driving 18-wheelers. They need to be alert at all times when driving. However, even taking a single drink, their reaction time can decrease. Mix that with the additional time it takes a big rig to fully stop, and the results can be catastrophic.
  • Distracted driving: Truck drivers spend many lonely hours behind the wheel, looking at nothing but the highway. They can easily become distracted by not only their cell phones but by eating food, using the navigation system, or fiddling with the radio.
  • Speeding: Taking a corner too fast or stopping suddenly after going too fast in an 18-wheeler can result in the truck jackknifing on the road. What this means is the front of the truck will stop but the trailer will keep moving behind the vehicle, taking any cars with it.
  • Inclement weather: Snow, sleet, fog, and rain can make visibility and road conditions difficult for any vehicle on the road. Although truck drivers may think they’re less vulnerable to bad weather conditions, accidents do occur on a regular basis.
  • Failure to perform required inspections and maintenance: It is the truck owner’s responsibility to maintain and regularly inspect the 18-wheeler for any problems. However, many owners ignore regular inspections. This can result in wear and tear on the vehicle such as tire blowouts and worn brakes. In addition, if something was installed improperly on the truck, say the wrong type of tire, those responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle could be held responsible.
  • Manufacturing defects: Sometimes the accident was not caused by the driver but by the truck’s manufacturer. Vehicle defects are common causes of any type of traffic accident. When there is a defect in the manufacturing of the vehicle that results in an accident, the manufacturer could be held responsible

Our 18 wheeler accident attorney will collaborate with the top experts and conduct a careful investigation in order to pinpoint the precise cause (and make all responsible parties liable for the harm you sustained).

Q: Who Can You Sue in an 18-Wheeler Crash Case?

A: Because there are so many people who could be at fault in truck accidents, they can be more complicated. This covers individuals or organisations such as the truck driver, the trucking business, the owner of the vehicle and trailer, any third-party manufacturers, the facility in charge of loading the truck, and even the team in charge of the trailer’s contents. Speaking with a lawyer is the best method to decide the best course of action for your particular semi-truck accident case.

Q: How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After a Truck Accident?

A: The statute of limitations for filing an 18-wheeler crash case is two years from the date of the accident in most states, including Pennsylvania. Do not postpone filing for two years. The sooner after the accident so that the data and evidence are still current, the easier it will be to investigate your case and get compensation. Waiting could result in crucial evidence being lost or destroyed. Additionally, it provides the trucking firm and its own group of investigators and subject-matter experts more time to prepare their defence.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Attorney?

A: Our method of payment is dependant. Why does this matter? If we lose your lawsuit, we don’t get paid. You won’t have to pay anything beforehand or from your own cash to us. The personal injury lawyers at Munley Law won’t get paid unless you do.

Q: Why Should I Choose Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys to Represent Me in My Truck Accident Case?

A: At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, we have a track record of obtaining favourable outcomes for truck accident victims, particularly those involved in crashes with 18-wheeler trucks. In fact, we have fought so tenaciously and successfully on behalf of our clients that our lawyers have consistently been named among the top experts in the field of truck accidents.

Since our founding by Robert W. Munley, we have a long history in transportation lawsuits (1930-2019). He was a pioneer in the field of truck accident law, redefining how trial lawyers handled trucking cases in an effort to make American roads safer for drivers. The American Association For Justice Trucking Litigation Group has honoured him for his efforts. The organisation changed the “Chairman’s Award” to the Robert W. Munley Pursuit of Justice Award in 2020. This award is given each year to a lawyer who has made a significant contribution to the organization’s goals. The honour was given to Daniel W. Munley and Marion Munley initially.

Choose Carefully Because 18 Wheeler Cases Are Complex and Require Experience to Get You the Justice You Deserve

Our experience and expertise with 18-wheeler cases are unique because we have been managing them for decades. We have all it takes to help you recuperate as much as possible.

The law office Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys is owned by a family. We bring the full weight of our team to bear on your truck accident case and collaborate to reach the best outcome. We will be your resource to help you get through this trying period in addition to defending you in negotiations and court.

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